What’s The Story?

Slough Swapmeet has been a firm fixture on the VW event calendar for many years, we’ve been looking after it for the last few years now and we hope we’ve been doing a good job with it!
We took on the event in 2014 when the previous organisers decided they were going to call it a day. We couldn’t let that happen, so we went to the pub, had a few beers and made a plan to save Slough Swapmeet! Everyone in the scene got behind us and it was a great success!swapmeetSince then we’ve been trying to make the event better year-on-year. We want Slough Swapmeet to be the best place to find or sell parts for Air-Cooled Volkswagens. So, you can expect to find genuine used, quality repro, NOS parts, performance, new engineered, accessories and period memorabilia.
We maintain that 95% of all tables will be Air-Cooled parts or accessories with the 5% being quality related items.
In addition to Swapmeet itself the car park is always amazing, the quality and quantity of air-cooled Volkswagens (and Porsches) is impressive. A show within a show. So as a side-line we give out trophies and all you have to do is turn up and park up. There’s no cost, no booking form. It’s automatic.
It’s a great end of season social event, a chance to take your old VW out for a spin and catch up with friends. Hope to see you there!