What’s The Story?

Don’t call it a comeback – We’ve been here for years…

Actually we haven’t, someone else has, but we wholeheartedly believe that you should never miss an opportunity to (mis)quote LL Cool J…

Anyway, pleasantries aside lets cut to the chase… We were extremely sad to hear that the previous organisers had decided to hang up their proverbial swapmeet hats and allow the event to become a fond memory for the numerous patrons across the years. We decided as soon as we became aware, that there was only one possible course of action – we would go down the pub and moan about it whilst drinking beer. After several beers we decided that we weren’t going to take things lying down and maybe we’d just put the event on ourselves. Then we decided to have a kebab followed by a crafty wee in a bush. Anyway the hall is booked and it’s only bloody happening!! The classic Volkswagen event is back once again on the 6th┬áNovember 2016 (Now our third year!) at the Montem Leisure Centre, Slough.

There is no denying that attendance had dropped off over the years prior to us taking it over so it is our mission to revitalise the event whilst remaining true to its simple roots. We would welcome any feedback and suggestions you have to improve the event this year. Please email us on the following address event@sloughswapmeet.co.uk

Ticket details will be released shortly.

To stay up to date with the event and any exciting developments please come and find us on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re possibly not responsible enough to be in charge of a room full of humans but it’ll be fun to see what happens.

Hopefully the wonderful VW community will get behind the event and help firmly place it back on the map.